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Top Techniques of Money Making

Money making opportunities and hence techniques are to be found wherever there is a want being met by inadequate supply; a problem waiting for a solution; a chance to service another that enriches the other, in the process, enriching yourself. Accompanied by a good plan to execute on these opportunities, and the discipline to follow through, these money making techniques will carry you to great success and launch a new cycle of effectiveness for yourself and those in association with you.

Trying to answer the top techniques of money making is like asking someone to halt a flowing river mid-stream. Opportunities are formed by changing circumstances and need. If the Federal government announces a shot to the Mars and backs it up with suitable funding, opportunities in Mathematics and Physics will abound. When weather patterns change in favor of longer summers, suitable apparels, outdoor activity equipment and so on will be the place to be. Today, nuclear engineers are back in demand owing to the return to popularity of nuclear power. Nursing as a profession, and teachers are in shortage as well. Entrepreneurs who can help bridge that gap for hospitals and schools are in demand. Schools are always short of money -- methods to save money are always welcome in that public sector arena. Technology companies want children to take interest in Mathematics and Science -- techniques to help make that happen will be suitably rewarded. Outsourcing of jobs is a major threat in the US market -- helping those so displaced find suitable training and jobs, as well as helping them emotionally cope with the change -- will find many takers.

Thus there many problems waiting to be solved, opportunities galore if you just open the daily newspaper. Solutions to each of these problems will be different, and result in a different money making technique. For example, to help with job outsourcing, you may need to effectively hook-up with headhunters and job search sites, and help make the connection between those displaced with new opportunities. This will require a combination of networking, trust-building, empathizing with those displaced and having organization and marketing skills to achieve success. Similarly, helping children take interest in the Sciences may involve developing a product that interests students while educating them. This product could be a computer game, a video recording or some other effective educational tool.

In short, there are problems/challenges galore that are waiting for the entrepreneur with the right idea, organization and skills to solve and market. In return, society is willing to make the individual very rich.

Unfortunately, most individuals looking for money-making techniques focus on:

  1. Stock Market Trading
  2. Currency Trading
  3. Futures Trading
  4. Real-estate flipping

and other methodologies that require you to purchase items below or at market value and hope for appreciation. While participating in arbitrage activities has its place and value in society, it is not valued nearly as highly as solving specific problems that large numbers of individuals face.

The best suggestion for money-making techniques lies with yourself -- if you focus your mind on the top 20 pressing problems that you see in society that people will pay to get solved. And then spend some time on possible solutions to those problems. This will help filter out those problems that you cannot solve by yourself, and help you identify those that you could potentially solve. By this method of elimination, you will develop your own top money making techniques that can lead to great riches.

Then execute and see the money flow in! Best of lucks!

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