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How to Get Rich in One Year for Real

Getting rich quick is one of the dreams that propels many individuals forward to finally take the leap into investing, entrepreneurship, real-estate ownership and more and keeps the engine of capitalism humming. Getting rich in one year for real is however a monumental task - if you begin counting your days from the time that you first commit to that task. In reality, you will get rich very quickly - overnight success it would seem - if you begin counting from when your net-worth began rising dramatically. The difference between the two statements is because of that wonderful key to success - preparation.

Preparation is the art of first, a commitment to success - where you absolutely, with no exceptions, commit your mind and soul to the singular task of becoming very rich, very quickly. Preparation is next a task of choosing a path that is most in tune with your talents and interests and passion that can lead you to riches. Preparation is then a task of accumulating all the knowledge about that particular pathway - including apprenticing, running test runs, developing a feel for that pathway. You will have to spend some money and tons of efforts to develop that feel. But it is the entry fees to the land of riches - moreover, it will be the land of your expertise - where even if you were to ever go broke (highly unlikely), you will end up regaining your riches very quickly.

Without preparation, on the other hand, even if you find the deal of your lifetime that can make you rich in a few months - you will pass on it - for you won't understand what was in front of you. A ten-bagger stock, a deeply undervalued property, a business proposition with tremendous potential, an apprenticeship opportunity to learn from the best - would all be passed over by you like a ship passing a harbor at night.

To get rich in one year for real, you need to prepare - maybe three to four years - and be content with not seeing any changes in your net-worth during that time - and then you will see a dramatic rise as you land your first deal, and then the next, and the next and you will see your net worth rise dramatically. Your "overnight success" would have come. Give yourself seven years from the time of commitment to realization of success - and as we said, it will seem overnight when success actually hits you!

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